Know your poppies

Conversation between a teapot and a poppy about the dangers of poppy tea

Teapot: Ahh, look! Poppies!
Poppy (holding a DANGER sign): You see these fences, signs and cameras, yeah? We’re here for a reason! We’re behind this fence to protect you! We’re not your average poppies, we’re poppies designed with a purpose
Teapot: What?!! Are you better than the rest?
Poppy: Not better for a high! We contain dangerous levels of toxic alkaloids: thebaine, morphine, oripavine and codeine. We need intensive treatment to be safe around humans!
Poppy: At any dose, our crude alkaloids are poisonous! They’ll cause convulsions and asphyxiation… a high risk of overdose and death.
Teapot: But male poppies are OK, right?
Poppy: We all have male and female parts, we’re all equally toxic, and you can’t tell us apart!
Teapot: I’ve checked out Google, I’ll be right!
Poppy: Not with us, you won’t! What it all boils down to is: using any part of us prepared in any way, is risking a toxic overdose.